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What IQ Means to the Public Safety Community

home_015.jpgBy earning IQ Certification, companies demonstrate that they are working to reduce the problem of excessive alarm dispatches.

IQ Certified companies are working with local officials to serve and protect the community by ensuring that you won’t be responding to unnecessary alarm dispatches.As part of the IQ code of ethics, IQ Certified companies also agree to adopt specific quality management and false alarm control measures on every alarm system they install.

Each IQ Certified company must form a Quality Control Team whose function is to identify, prevent and/or eliminate false alarms and unnecessary dispatches. They must also implement IQ’s end user training guidelines that will reduce or eliminate the number of false alarms caused by user error.


  • Recommending IQ
    As a leading false alarm reduction program in the country, IQ Certification also serves as a way for you to distinguish those companies that have implemented proactive steps to reduce false dispatches through quality system installations and end user education. By knowing which companies are working to reduce false dispatches, IQ Certification provides you with a legal and ethical way to recommend quality companies to consumers.


  • Endorsed by FARA
    link_fara.jpgThe IQ Certification program is proud to be endorsed by the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA), which is the professional association of government-employed public safety alarm unit managers. Its members include sworn officers and civilians in charge of local governments’ false alarm reduction units.


  • What does this mean for consumers...?
    By eliminating the guesswork associated with finding a highly competent and professional alarm company, IQ Certification ensures that alarm systems have been designed to operate with only normal maintenance for years. Installation quality, augmented with extensive user training, also ensures that the system is less likely to experience unnecessary dispatches.




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