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The IQ Certification Program was founded in 1997 to raise the security industry’s professionalism and improve alarm installation quality standards.

IQ Certified Companies have the distinct marketing benefit of having a badge of honor to showcase their commitment to installation quality and false alarm control that is certified by an autonomous third party. In addition, certified companies receive recognition in the Who’s Who of the Alarm Industry, on the Internet, as well as in other industry publications. IQ Certified Companies may also use their certification to form better relationships with law enforcement and fire prevention professionals, since they will be easing the burden that false alarms place on the public safety community.


Being recognized as a quality provider of alarm systems and service can lead to greater revenue streams, positive customer feedback and increased customer referrals – the main ingredients for running a successful business.

Just as the quality benchmarks for manufacturing, retail and service have improved their respective industries, IQ Certification raises the professionalism and profile of the security and life safety industry as a whole.